Future Foster Care?

The future of foster care in Victoria relies on carers feeling empowered and well supported. Victorian carers are experiencing financial and bureaucratic stress. The gap between the allowances and reimbursements available to carers for the expenses related to caring for children and young people can be significant and frustration with the bureaucratic and care team environment compounds this.

The Victorian Government needs to show recognition for the importance of foster care within our community by providing carers with the necessary requirements to support vulnerable children. The Foster Care Association of Victoria is calling on the State Government to secure an immediate increase of the rate of allowances and for an increased and more accessible reimbursement “client expenses” scheme. The finances are an aspect of the system that can support foster carers and show them the respect that they deserve. We also ask the Government to increase the age of care options to 21 in order to provide young people and their carers with the security they need to see them through to a stable adulthood.

Send an e-mail to your local MP using the form to the right to let them know that vulnerable children experiencing out of home care are depending on them. With your support, we can turn the focus to future foster care in Victoria.

This email will be sent to your State upper and lower MPs as well as relevant candidates.

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*All names have been changed to protect our carers’ identities, and that of their children.